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Welcome To Sunday Morning Coffee #3!

I hope that this post finds you feeling well. These are crazy times that we are all living through. I find that unusual times like these call for good friends, good coffee, and good distractions! Luckily, I have all three in our Sunday morning coffee dates!

Today, let's take a trip to the warm and beautiful Brazil! Brazil is the largest exporter of coffee beans in the world. Despite the fact that most of our coffee is grown by and purchased from Brazilians, we don't hear as much about their coffee culture as we should.

In Brazil, coffee is found in abundance, as you might assume with it being such a large part of their economy. Brazilian coffee is usually made by boiling water and then adding coffee. The drink is filtered and poured into small cups at very high temperatures.

Why the small cups?! I hear you cry. Well, it is customary to drink coffee throughout the day in Brazil. They drink their coffee in small amounts, but more often throughout the day than in other places around the world. In fact, a common phrase 'cafezinho', which means 'small coffee', is almost considered a greeting.

As I come to the bottom of my cafezinho, I find myself feeling energized and ready to take on whatever these crazy times might bring my way today. I so enjoy our bean sized vacations together and hope that I can help you plan your adventures in the future. Until next time, enjoy your own coffee, culture, and coffee culture!

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