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Irish Coffee- Coffee, Culture, and Coffee Culture

Hello my coffee loving friends! I hope your enjoyed our coffee date last week where we learned about the budding coffee industry in the warm and wonderful land of South Africa! This week, we will be exploring something and somewhere entirely different. Ireland!!

Ireland is a destination that has captivated us as Americans for generations. The rich history, landscape, and culture seem to call to us. We are intrigued by the many folk tales, myths, and legends that originated in this beautiful and diverse land. Many of these, of course, traveled here with the ancestors of our Irish American friends today!

Today's cup of Joe is a fun and special one indeed. Irish coffee it is! This drink is perhaps best enjoyed as it was originally intended, as a hot evening drink on a cold night. Why enjoy Irish coffee at night? (I hear you cry.)

Well, traditional Irish coffee is a rich, cup of dark coffee, sugar, and whipped cream with a strong shot of Irish whiskey added to the cup. This fun mix came about as a result of American tourism, believe it or not. The drink was invented as a way to warm up American tourists in the 1940's and has warmed it's way into our hearts ever since.

So let's get together some night and enjoy one of our favorite drinks while celebrating the rich and diverse mingling of Irish and American culture with a strong cup of Irish coffee! For this morning though, a cup of Folders will have to suffice. I look forward to our next coffee date where we can explore more coffee, culture, and coffee culture!

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