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South Africa- Coffee, Culture, and Coffee Culture!

Good morning friends! I have been looking forward to this week's coffee date with you! This social distancing has me ready to socialize and spend some time with my friends here on the blog. I have found myself seeking entertainment and learning online lately. As I plan my next adventure, I have been looking to warm climates and have done some serious research into South Africa.

This morning, I am enjoying a large cup of Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee. These beans are grown ON Mount Kilimanjaro! What?! Yes, this is truly a unique and exceptional cup of Joe. This coffee gives off an aroma that is like none other as it brews. The lovely medium roast flavor has notes of coconut, citrus, and florals. This is really an original and unique treat to liven up my social distancing morning!

Ok, now that we have our delicious coffee to enjoy, let's delve into a new and exciting world of coffee. South Africa is the up and coming geographical area for coffee production in the world. Their emerging coffee market can be attributed to two main factors. Firstly, coffee lovers around the world are always looking for new and exciting flavors, which the South African climate and landscape is able to supply. Secondly, the local market for coffee has been growing as the South African culture moves from being a predominantly tea drinking society, to a coffee drinking society.

As the local culture shifts to one of coffee drinkers, the area is not only seeing an uprising in coffee growers and consumers, but has seen a development in other economic areas in the coffee realm. Several prominent schools of coffee can be found in the area that educate students in all aspects of coffee as well as training them to become professional baristas. These schools are tied to the local emergence of artisan coffee shops that are emerging in the area.

I can not wait to stroll down the warm street of a South African town while following my nose to a local coffee shop! How amazing would it be to sit outside soaking up the African morning sun and sipping an expertly grown and crafted cup of local coffee!? I can't wait to see what continues to develop and grow in this area of the world in regards to coffee, culture, and coffee culture!

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