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Group Destinations , Family reunions, Cruises, Female retreats. You name it, we plan it!



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View our pre-planned destinations in our 2025 calendar below!



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FITs usually travel solo; in couples; or in small, intimate groups of friends or family.





Xpressions Travel is here to help you travel to your dream Exotic destinations without the added stress of booking, researching, and coordinating everything.

Whether it’s a Honeymoon, family reunion, female retreat or a hosted travel event, we're dedicated to offering white-glove, concierge service from the planning process to your return trip home; leaving you and your travel squad with no worries. ​Best believe, your stressful vacation planning days are over!


Are you ready to design your next peace of mind experience?  Why not? You work hard and you deserve to:

Spend time getting you and your group excited about your destination while someone else takes care of the logistics.

Have an itinerary full of fun activities and life changing experiences, so every day will feel like you're on cloud nine.

So, are you ready to stop dreaming & start living? What better way to do that than through travel. I'm ready to help you kick back, relax and relieve your trip at a time!

2025 small group


 Find hotels, day trips, & adventure trips here 

 Featured 2025 Group Destinations:

  • Costa Rica-January(female)

  • Iceland-January

  • Rome/Amalfi Italy-March

  • Pacific Northwest USA- June

  • Tanzania Africa-August

  • Greece- TBD



Xpressions Travel Specializes in hand crafting and designing the perfect FIT trip to meet the needs of the travelers whether solo or in a small intimate group to exotic destinations all over the world.

What is FIT? Foreign Independent Travel

Tourists who fit the definition of FITs usually travel solo; in couples; or in small, intimate groups of friends or family. They range anywhere in age from millennials to retirees, but generally, they have above-average incomes that allow for longer durations of independent travel, which can be less expensive than traveling with an organized group. But what all FITs share, by definition, is a desire to avoid mass tourism in favor of an individualized, independent approach. They tend to want to explore their chosen destinations on their own and at their own pace with an emphasis on enjoying the local food, architecture, history, and culture.

FITs are a quickly growing segment of the tourist market. First-hand travel information about destinations, transportation arrangements such as train and ​plane tickets, and hotel reservations worldwide are available from your travel agent for independent travelers.


Book your complimentary

FIT Designing Session with Xpressions Travel HERE and contact us for a quote today!

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